Memorial of Dr. Mona Takieddine Amyuni

The Civilization Studies program at the American University of Beirut held a memorial for Dr. Mona Takieddine Amyuni Monday in the Bathish Auditorium at West Hall at AUB. This ceremony was held to offer respects.

Dr Amyuni was a senior lecturer in the Civilization Studies program at AUB, with an academic career that spans over forty years as a mentor, a teacher, and scholar. She was a lecturer who was in love with what she does and taught her students with love and passion.

“ Her students loved her; she always had very high evaluations.” Said Nada Takieddine, Mona’s sister.

The ceremony started with testimonies of friends, colleagues, and former students that were proposed by Professor Lara Halaoui, the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences in AUB. She then invited Mr. Teddy Amyuni, who is Mona’s son to the podium to give a speech on behalf of the family.

After being greeted with a big round of applause, Teddy started his speech by talking about how his mother has touched and inspired many generations of young people.

“You taught them Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Camus, Tayeb Saleh and so many other classicals. More importantly, you became a role model for them, the model of courage, convictions, humility and life-work balance.” Said Teddy.

He then finalized his speech by talking about the obstacles she faced, and her achievements.

“At age of 20, and against all odds and traditions, you elected to marry my Dad, a Christian, and had to flee to England to avoid the wrath of your community. At the age of 40 after ensuring our proper education and upbringing, you went to the Sorbonne’s in Paris to do a Doctorate ès lettres [Doctorate of Letters] in Comparative English- French literature and were later granted a Doctorate ès lettres in Modern Arabic literature, both with high distinctions.” He said.

Among the speakers that gave a speech after Teddy was also Professor Arda Arsenian Ekmekji who is the Dean of Arts and Sciences in Haigazian University, and Dr. Ramzi Mabsout who is an assistant professor and chairperson in the Department of Economics at AUB.

“Mona is a great loss, not only for us, but also for AUB.” Said Ginan Bachour, a friend of Mona.


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