Hi Dana,
Bill Lennan

Hi Bill. I️ have not read Antifragile but I️ looked it up. In general I️ understand the idea to mean that strength and resilience come from being challenged. Of course I️ agree with this. I actually see emotional triggers as growth opportunities. In my coaching practice I️ encourage people to explore their triggers deeply in order to release the unhealthy, uncontrollable, aspects of them. Once you’ve released the uncontrollable aspect of a trigger you gain the ability to deal with reality.. including the unpleasant and negative aspect of it.. in a way you simply can’t when you’re “controlled” by your triggers.

Being conscious of how I️ speak does’t mean I don’t trigger others, it just means that I️ make the effort to speak in ways that say what I mean and try not to trigger them unnecessarily. I happen to believe in tough love and in certain circumstances (with clients, friends, family who I️ believe give me license to “tough love” them) I’ve been known to trigger them, on purpose. But it’s not something I️ do lightly.

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