The complete steps to becoming the legend you always thought you were

Step 3. Dress sense aim

Now you should have an idiot of what it feels like to be an absolute knob that no one likes. You should also have a nice bit of experience of shielding yourself against the shittness of other people. Also being aware of how you can put yourself in a box intentionally or unintentionally, you should now be able to make a better decision about what kind of person you want to be.

This is where it kinda get complicated. A lot of people notice people who are awesome and then they start to imitate them. I am extremely unsatisifed, that this is the non-peer reviewed link that I have choosen to attach to this, because its been relatively recently “discovered” it was a little harder than usual to find the original article. However the central theme is something we already know about, that is that if you spend a lot of time with someone then you naturally take on traits of that person. I would like to give an example, try to introduce a rather quirky or unusual word that isn’t used at all in your friends group. I used to play this game a lot, see how many odd and pointless words I could introduce to my friendship circle at the time, to see how much you can influence them. Anyhow the answer is really a lot, to the point that people would point out themselves that they were adopting things that I would say.

However the main difference between what we are working on right now and what this is talking about, is that we are also doing the same with our dress sense. Subconciously or otherwise we are all in some way affected by the dress sense of the people around us. I have noticed that I gravitate towards the mean in no matter what city I live in, with cities like Melbourne enticing me towards brighter colours and cities like Berlin enticing me towards the darker ones. So you need to get your aim straight, because if you don’t have this aim sorted, then exactly like when you were a kid getting influenced by the people around you, you will be powerless to make a change nowadays.

This is exactly the reason why you can’t just walk around wearing what you want, because there are enforcers in this world, who just aren’t satisfied with people who deviate from the mean. These people are generally close minded dicks, but the simple fact is if you wanna be awesome then you gotta tread the line between accepting what these people have to say and pushing the boundaries. What you have to understand is that enforcers are partly being that way to try and increase their social standing, by regulating what is and what isn’t acceptable.

They get further in society by following the social boundaries and getting their views across, you find these people in both sexes. From girls who call other girls sluts to guys who say other guys are gay/pussies, it is an alpha circle cluster fuck that essentially only interests us because we wanna use these people to help us better know how we are fucking up.

“Do the enforcers that you regularly come into contact with respond positively or negatively towards you?”

A lot of people will wanna criticise me for accepting the attitudes of the enforcers, but the simple fact is that everywhere you go, you will encounter these people. The most important thing is that you can work out what exactly their problem is and help them get the fuck over it. Closet homosexuality is often thrown around and there is certainly an aspect of that, which has plagued society for a while now, but more often than not I beg you to not think of these people in that respect. Not just because they are all people, but because you are missing the subtle human interactions that are happening by brushing over this. At the end, is the dress sense aim you have going to provoke shitty interactions from these type of people, more often than necessary?

Remember, these people are like riot police — they are getting a payoff (financial or social) to be there doing what they are doing, you are the rioter and you need to come out on top. Theres no point being at a riot if there isn’t a higher aim or cause. Otherwise you are just gonna get the shit kicked out of you. Don’t walk into a warzone if you aren’t ready for a war, you aren’t paparazzi and you will get killed in the crossfire.

My most recent foray into such interactions came when I just couldn’t be bothered to by more shoes and my favourite ones were fucked up. My foot was literally coming out of the shoe, so I just duck-taped them back together. I had an excuse, I had got 50% of my pay taken off me due to a problem with taxes at the time, however without that I would have taken an unacceptably large amount of slack from the enforcers. So what can we learn from this?

Aims are positive

They can have negative consequences

Recovery is important

Exercise today is easy, isolate the enforcers in your friend group and family. Try to engage them on topics without showing your opinions, such as mentioning that you saw two guys kissing in public, you saw a guy wearing a pink tshirt or a woman had such a short skirt that you could “see everything”. Find out how these peoples minds work and then direct it towards yourself, understand what is acceptable to these people and what they aren’t 100% sure on. The thing about being close minded is that there is always a border between what they find unacceptable and what they haven’t decided about yet, because often they aren’t very introspective people and don’t feel a need to test why they feel or think this way. Whereever you are live, these people are different and have different opinions, even in open minded places there are enforcers and sometimes they have forcibly left opinions and are almost extremist in their leftist way.