This past weekend was Lunar New Year. I spent the entire weekend with friends, bonding over meals and just having a great time (which means getting zero homework done). Utah being a home away from home definitely felt warm and fuzzy despite the cold. Amidst all the fun and craziness, it got me thinking about how we define the word “home”.

Everyone wants to have a place they call home. It could be where we grew up, where we currently are living, or where we see ourselves in the future. Home to me is a very flexible word. It is possible to call a place home even if I have not lived there for a long time. I call Provo home now only after having been here for only about 2 years. If someone were to ask me where I’m heading to, I easily say “I’m going home” — the home here referring to just an apartment in Provo.

This has made me want to help others feel at home even though they may be a million miles away from their families. Perhaps one of the things I could do is to invite others over for meals more often or just to hang out and do things together. Everyone wants to feel warm and fuzzy no matter which corner of the Earth we are in.

home is not a place, it’s a feeling
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