I first heard the term “Render props” in 2016 when I attended a React Training event here in London, run by Michael Jackson. At first I didn’t understand why it was helpful but, in the years since then, I have found the pattern useful in so many cases. Everyone seems to be talking about Render props at the moment so I thought I’d share some real components from our codebase at Geckoboard to illustrate how we use it.

I’m not going to cover what the Render props pattern is in this article because there are tons of great articles that…

I have seen some buzz around CSS Variables lately and recently had the opportunity to use them as part of the front-end team at Geckoboard. They solved a very specific problem for us while being easy to use, fast, and maintainable. In this post, I’ll describe how and why we used CSS Variables in combination with React to re-style our web app on the fly!

The problem

At Geckoboard, we build live dashboards to display key metrics on TV screens. Being able to add your own personality to a dashboard is important to a lot of our customers, so a few months…

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