Have we lost touch with the reality of making ends meet?
Jillian Ada Burrows

Hm… Hi Jill! I’ll chew on this and return to it for a longer comment or two later, since it is a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

The trail we are on that you mention — neoliberal capitalism – is very close to crisis and collapse, since it has not had a reset since the ‘New Deal’ and is not remotely a self-stabilizing system, running as it does on positive feedbacks.

I expect that a guaranteed minimum income of some kind is probably necessary to maintain any form of capitalism going forward. A Bot/AI post-human information economy cannot survive without some kind of demand support that is not attached to employment.

As an aside: With regards to humans in space, I think there are a lot of reasons we are not going to get there in any significant way, but it is interesting to note that capitalism is not a requirement for the effort — The Soviet command economies did an impressive job in that department, and I’d still trust a Soyuz over the latest dotcom-on-a-rocket effort any day.

More later – Cheers, Dan

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