Whenever things start popping on Medium, they undercut what is actually happening on the platform by showcasing bigfoot publications. They have a habit of promoting authors who are minimally interested in Medium or who see it simply as a distribution channel.
This Makes Me Crazy

I blocked The New York Times.

CNN, too. Then they started pushing Forbes for some reason. I blocked the hell out of it.

I’m a paying member and I don’t want to see my home page taken over by articles from mainstream media websites which I chose not to visit. When I want to read the NYT, I’ll go to nytimes.com. If I want them to get my money, I know how to pay them.

I hope more Medium members do the same. If enough of us do it, we could send the message that we're here for the user-generated content, not the "premium" publications that get first-class treatment without ever engaging in the conversation that makes Medium such a great place for reading and writing online.

Even if no one else does it, at least it made my Medium feed much better. I'm seeing less repackaged mainstream clutter and more stuff from the authors I'm actually paying to read.