I crashed US Airways’ last flight party

San Francisco, October 16. The crew at Gate 45A, handling departure of US Airlines’ last flight before merging with American Airlines.

It’s a regular Friday evening at San Francisco airport. There’s commotion at gate 45A in the small domestic Terminal 1. Red, white, blue, gray balloons, a small crowd, cabin crews in celebration attire, press, a fancy cake.

It’s the farewell party for US Airways flight 1939 to Philadelphia, the last one before becoming one with American Airlines and parking the US livery after 76 years of great service. US Airways and American Airlines announced their planned merger in 2013.

US1939, an Airbus A320 on it’s last flight under US Airways livery.

It’s a 4:55h flight and there’ll be important people on board, enthusiasts, fans, regular flyers. Everyone was friendly and exuberant, this was a big historic event in aviation, so I jumped in the crowd. There was schwag, luggage tags and key chains. I was handed some.

The Airbus A320 was waiting at the gate for everyone to board. The cabin crew and pilots were being interviewed by TV crews, posing for group photos. In this whole tumult I snagged a photo with the First Officer, practically prying him off of TV reporters and cameras.

I had two hours to kill before my absolutely boring red eye Delta flight to Detroit that turned fun and special. Check out more photos of the party below. Thanks US Airways. Farewell.

The First Officer of US Airways 1939 and myself.
Gate agents.
The crowd
The cake