It’s 2015. Julia purchases her first vibrator. She’s a fairly happy person on good days, which are scattered.

Julia doesn’t feel burdened by her job. She agrees to work in exchange for money to balance her life’s checkbook, though she mopes occasionally of the lack of choices she has. She must stay close to her place of employment and therefore may not travel on a whim. She must plan in advance.

Sometimes Julia feels aggravated by the choices made on her behalf. Regarding her reproductive organs, she is glad she lives in a more liberal state. She doesn’t think it was right of her college boyfriend to pressure her into the abortion, but believes that ultimately she would have decided the same.

Her closest friends have known her since she was a child and she loves that fact. They take vacations together, oftentimes drive far from the city to be in isolation and take psychedelics in nature.

One of Julia’s coworker forces his hand up her skirt at a company party. Julia pushes him away. He tells her she knows she “wants it.” He wass drunk and nothing comes out of it. Months later he’s promoted and becomes her supervisor. Though it makes Julia uncomfortable, it’s best to let it go and move on with her life.

She came to me in tears. I want to respect Julia and be her friend. I have a girlfriend that I should respect as well. We eat lunch together every day of the work week. Yet when I think about her, it’s sexual in nature.

Why? Why don’t I respect Julia? Society is the most powerful influence in our lives. It’s what creates and ties us to the institutions that control our time. I go to work to balance the checkbook. I avoid punishment by following the law. Society teaches me this. Why doesn’t it teach me to respect women? Why did I learn this so late in life? I fear the damage done is too great. I am beyond repair. I should remain silent and listen.

Why did we come to this planet? Women live in peace and love. Men land on earth to fuck and hate women, to destroy their bodies and force them to carry our seed.

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