360Giving Data Visualisation Challenge

I’ve long been a fan of the 360Giving open data and was delighted to see they were holding a competition to promote the innovative use of their great datasharing platform. So I thought I’d share some interactive maps which help explore the question posed as part of the challenge ‘Who has funded what themes throughout the years?’.

These maps draw on some analysis of data provided by a single foundation (Lloyds Bank Foundation @LBFEW) and make use of the powerful interactive mapping capacity of CARTO.

The first interactive map shows an animation of all @LBFEW grants in relation to a deprivation index map for England. If you zoom in it is clear that the grants have been well targeted to areas of highest deprivation. Use the controls at the bottom of the map to pause/scrub the animation.

If you want to explore specific grants simply toggle on/off layers shown on map using the Visible layers menu at top right of map. This will present the location of the grant recipient (not always the ultimate beneficiary but still a good/useful indicator). Clicking on a bubble will reveal some of the underlying details of the specific grant and the organisation that received it. It will also often link to the recipient organisation’s Website so you can quickly find out more of the good work being done. Go explore.

The second map considers a specific theme and highlights grants to just those recipient organisations dealing with children. This was done using a simple text query of the grant description field (contains word ‘children’) and is certainly not a definitive assessment of grants related to children but it does illustrate the power of spatial/textual analysis of #opendata.

Freelance Housing & Spatial Information Specialist. Using latest #tech such as @CARTO @Tableau to map/chart/describe places & housing markets.

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