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Your favorite editors (that’s Doc Sweeny and me) have just published an article about the marriage equality cases that went from Kentucky to the Supreme Court. You can read it here. The abstract is reproduced below, but it’s basically about the what the media and the courts did with my clients’ stories. It’s not what you might think. Check it out!

ABSTRACT: Telling a client’s story is an essential part of client representation. Legal storytelling provokes empathy in judges and juries and helps convince them of the rightness of the client’s perspective. Civil rights attorneys, however, tell their client’s story in a way that takes into account the needs of similarly situated others, which may conflict with their client’s needs. Using the watershed case Obergefell v. …


Dan Canon

Civil rights lawyer and law prof, writing about the Midwest, the untold horrors of the justice system, and the ongoing battle between the law and humanity.

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