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The idea behind SCRIVE was purely personal. I wanted to create something where I can improve one feature at a time and that I would personally use. I love I use it till this day. I really look up to the creator of Draft, Nathan Kontny. I think he’s an incredible programmer/designer. I immediately thought about creating something similar to Draft. I’m also a big fan of Dustin Curtis, creator of So I wanted to take some elements of style, design, and functionality from both apps and try to implement them on mine. The end goal is to create a simple product inspired by these two awesome designers/programmers that I can gradually improve on, and learn from while adding some of my own personal touches to.

The Initial home page is simple(on purpose). The capital P button is to create new pages to write on. And of course when saved a list of all your writings appear in the middle.

I wanted to create a page where you can write without clutter. I’m using the Trix editor created by Basecamp. Which is one of the best editors out there in regards to it’s initial style and simplicity. The save button is towards the bottom (the blue circle with the capital S on it). I wanted the background to have a darker shade which would hopefully spark the initial writing process.

The plan was originally was to each week make updates to SCRIVE. But, that might be a bit too tough given my cray cray schedule (I know story of everyone’s lives) but I will try to make updates to it at least once every two weeks. It will range from already existing feature improvements to implementations of new features. I do need your help. Subscribe to it’s free for now ;) reach out to me or on twitter @dan_inmotion and let me know what are your thoughts about the product and what you would like to see improve or even implemented. I will take all suggestions into consideration. The end goal here is to keep SCRIVE as simple as possible while still making it a killer product.


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