Dance Franchising — The New Kid on the Block

A definitive answer to those with an entrepreneurial perspective and a burning passion for dance.

Oct 23, 2019 · 7 min read

Choosing between your startup and a franchise can be quite tricky. There are pros and cons to both, and you have to weigh the differences to make the right choice thoughtfully. There is no straight answer here, and therefore you’ll have to figure out what’s suits you the best. A straightforward approach to this problem will be an assessment of the realities, the possibilities, and their pros and cons.

We have below a comprehensive analysis of why buying a franchise may be more up your alley as opposed to starting your own business.

Ease, Convenience, Expertise & Relative Certainty Of Success

Buying a franchise costs money; nevertheless, so does starting your business. Generally, almost always buying a franchise is likely to cost you less money than starting your own business.

However, if money is not your constraint, then other factors such as convenience, ease, and the quick turnaround might be what you’re looking for.

Indeed, buying a franchise is more comfortable when compared to starting your own business. It’s far easier to decide on the franchise, get the paperwork ready, and check your eligibility and get the payment ready. However, launching your own business may take significantly longer.

One of the most popular reasons for people to consider buying a franchise is for its proven track record. When there is proof of a company’s success, demand for its product or service, it’s much easier to invest in such a business. Considering a franchise, you would get studies, market reports, stats, and everything you need at your disposal to know for sure. Viability, sustainability, and profitability are the primary determiners of any business.

While buying a franchise, you also get all the resources, expertise, and help you need. You don’t need to start your business from the ground up, especially when you are not sure of all the in and outs.

There is always an expert to guide you through every step of the way.

Why a dance franchise?

Owning a dance studio franchise could be a great opportunity, especially for all of those who love to dance or have a big passion for the art. Starting a dance studio franchise can cost anywhere from 13 Lakhs to over 25 Lakhs, depending on the size of the dance facility and its visual aesthetic.

People want to learn to dance, whether it’s for fitness, weddings, or just fun date nights. With a rise in popular dance shows like Dance India Dance, dance studios are becoming more popular than ever. This popularity gives way to an opportunity to franchise and a lot of things to consider. You’ll need to find a franchise for which you feel as passionately as you do for dance. We have below a few points on why dance360° should be your ideal franchise partner.

dance360° is one among India’s few registered trademark studios

The most significant advantage of going with a franchise with a registered trademark is that you get to partner with a brand that is well established and has a good follower base. Having a follower base increases reach and helps garner more traction.

dance360° also has one of the broadest visibility when it comes to dance-related businesses.

Brand recall solely depends on how the brand is built and how the customers perceive your brand. This model and perception further affect how the profits are made. There arises a need to create a brand that provides value and evokes an emotional connect with customers. At dance360°, we owe a significant chunk of our profits to the never-ending value we provide to all our students and strive to keep an emotional connect between the mentor and students.

A rise in Activity-based Franchises

India has been proving to be a favorable territory for various business franchises, particularly for activity-based franchises. Through their quality offering and fruitful results, both national and international franchise brands are making a roar in the country. This has been gaining widespread appreciation from audiences. One of the biggest reasons for this is perhaps that it can cater to an extensive range of age groups, from children aged 3 till 50 and above!

Dance is one such area that revolves around activities, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and franchisees can easily target it. There is a rise in trend of dance-related business beginning to gain pace at a rapid rate, due to which its availability has grown rampant in every city. This rapid rate of growth gives ample opportunity for franchisees to get in early.

The Rise in popularity of Dance Reality Shows

Almost every entertainment channel has its own dance-based reality show being broadcasted. These dance reality shows play a vital role in creating a platform for artists to not only express themselves but also score better gigs and become future choreographers.

This is where the need for a dance-related franchise business becomes apparent. Potential franchisees could target such people who are passionate about becoming renowned dancers in India but lack the finer nuances to become a professional dancer. Since it may seem that such kind of shows has no end in the near future, this might help your dance business thrive at an exponential rate.

A Lucrative Investment

India right now has several dance businesses that are being operated as unorganized and standalone businesses.

However, this industry is slowly witnessing a rise of famous dancers beginning to grow their dance institutes using a franchising model.

To enter into a franchise of this kind, you might need overall budgeting of 15–25 lakhs and a sq.ft. of 1500 area to maintain the ambiance that creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Opportunities in Cities with different Economic scales

Entrepreneurs and franchisees are always excited by and looking for opportunities. Dance is one of those business ideas that provides full scope for investment, covering areas such as tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in a significant way. Dance-related franchisees step in here and look out for young talent, train them, and turn them into dancing professionals.

At the dance360° franchise model, we provide you with the following support.


We design the dance studio for you, by sharing with you the interior and exterior design, standardized look of the dance360, branding visuals, and logos, which help you create a beautiful studio.


Our team provides child-friendly setup with rounded edges, a customized dance floor for the studio including a dance floor, change rooms, lounge areas, shoe racks, security and safety measures, reception area.


Our Curriculum is established based on research rubrics methods in consultation by industry-leading domain experts that focus on developing ‘core skills’ for all.


We help mentors to test their knowledge and refresh their skills periodically through our conditioning and soft skill programs. These programs are backed by regular audits which to ensure mentors remain the best in the business.


We provide pan India campaigns through print and social media ads and help reach your local areas by engaging events and activations.


We have an established operational manual with methods and processes to run the day-to-day operations.


We have well-defined lead generation tools to capture prospecting leads who are looking to enroll their children.


Ease of access to our online system, mobile apps, and CRMs, which helps the franchise partner to track business performance.

Partner with dance360 and start your dance studio.

You would continue to get such backing as long as you are a franchisee. This is often the most critical factor when you consider buying a franchise. As a franchiser, we have many and more resources and talent, which we would love nothing more than to invest in our franchisee.

We hope that this blog has brought you closer to making your decision when it is starting your business from the ground up or partnering up with us as a franchisee. Should you choose the franchisee route, we are more than happy to accommodate you and help you grow with us.

Together, let’s take a step beyond the horizon and achieve the impossible.

For more information, visit or reach us at 7676360360.


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dance360° is Bangalore’s first ISO 9001 2008 Certified Dance Studio and one of the largest dance studios in India. We are dance centric and process driven.

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