I’m working on a video game called Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale. It’s not done yet, and I hope it stays like that.

Available for pay-what-you-want, on itch.io

Welcome to the start of a project. So far, you try to bake cupcakes, you can build a strong deck, and your result depends on how much hope you have.

If you’re looking for a PC game that features rainbows and baking, inspired by Dominion, Magic: The Gathering, and Android: Netrunner… then how about downloading Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale and starting a conversation with me?

That’s how I plan to make the game better. By learning about your experience playing the game, I’ll adjust my development accordingly.

The game’s most basic hope-generating card

I don’t want to sit alone in the dark just writing code and dreaming of a huge launch. I want something a little more cheerful and a little more social. That’s why I’ve already launched something fairly minimal, and I’ve already started talking to players.

You have ideas for what you want in a game like this. I have my own ideas. Let’s play the current version of the game, and let’s talk about it.

As long as there are players that want improvements to Ultra Rainbow Bake Sale, I’m pretty sure I’ll want to keep improving it. That’s why I hope it stays “not done yet” for a little while longer.

What do you think? Have you downloaded and tried out the game yet? You can reach me via email or Twitter, or here on Medium.