Bring on 2018

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Some personal & professional reflections on 2017.

My father died in February. I never so acutely felt loss like that before in my life. I was able to make it through his birthday thanks to a passage I read at a Bat Mitzvah. Father’s Day though was brutal. The worst depression I’ve ever felt.

Marty and I got our leave to remain in the U.K. That was a pay-off of a five year effort that started with us leaving NYC, our home of 20 years, back in 2012. Fingers crossed we’ll become full citizens next summer.

I’m super-proud of her for breaking new ground professionally too. Her ceramics have been selling out like hot cakes at indie ceramic markets recently. You can check out her work here. Masterful mix of fine details and kawaii charm.

I finally pulled the ripcord and parachuted out of the agency world for a startup I’m super passionate about. I can’t thank Pip Jameson enough for bringing me into The Dots family. I’m finally working somewhere that cares about and believes in diversity as much as I do.

I was able to share that love by bringing Joyce Li & Nadine Grant onboard our crazy train. They’re already one of the best design teams I’ve ever worked with. And we’re blessed to be a part of a bigger product team that I adore.

We’re about to launch our first product together and I can’t wait to get it out into the wild and iterate the hell out of it. If you’re in the creative industries and you want a new career in the new year then I hope you check us out.

Oh, and I went to Norway for the first time in the company of lovely mutant freaks like Amber Case, Warren Ellis, Dan Hon, Dirk Knemeyer, Josh Clark, Bill Thompson, Dr. Kate Devlin, Cennydd Bowles, Matt Webb, Ishan Shapiro, karen kaushansky, Chris Noessel, Lysandre Follet, Ben Remington, Adrian Zumbrunnen, and the awesome team from Clearleft: Andy Budd, Ellen de Vries, Ben Sauer, & James Gilyead. It was a crazy year.

It’s been an exhausting, heartbreaking, exhilarating, scary, depressing, kind, loving, angry, insane year filled with magic and loss and I’m coming out of it all a better person I hope.

Bring on 2018

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