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You don’t need another hearing. They might “hear” but they don’t LISTEN.

This is about 2018 and keeping political promises when those promises should NEVER have been made in the first place. Call up about 3 nursing home operators and see what they think. About 70% to 80% of most states’ medicaid funds go to the elderly who have run out of money and need 24 hr care. The ignorance on the part of the GOP on this as these old people are

takers do not have ANY IDEA of how that works. The state confiscates the residents’ social security checks in turn of $35 a month for personal items such as a haircut. If the resident owns a property occupied by a spouse, that property is liened by the state and when the occupant of the house leaves the house is auction for the “share of costs” owed by the resident. YOU WANT TO COME TO THE END OF YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS!!!!! Maybe the Kock brothers will donate new cardboard boxes for these elderly to use and a map where the bridges are for shelter.

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