Apparently, it’s a “waste of your time” to provide even the tiniest bit of evidence to support your…
G Horner

I believe in the consensus of the scientific community, and right now, empirically, the scientific community believes in AGW. So I believe in AGW. I’m not saying there aren’t scientists who don’t believe so. I’m not saying our current theory is the absolute truth, or our theory 5 or 10 years ago is the truth, we only have our best estimations. But it is overwhelmingly pointing towards an obvious direction — and we need to take steps to figure out how to limit the damage we’re doing, not deny our impact on the environment.

Go ahead and factor out the special interests (from both sides, I might add!) and when you try to look at just the science from an as objective view as possible, it’s fairly obvious that we are contributing to climate change on a bigger and bigger scale.

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