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Image for post’s Official Logo Circa 1994 — also known as the World’s Most Popular Search Engine for Hackers and Security Experts

Do you remember the 90's? Did you get excited about being a hacker? We’re proud to let you know of the official launch of the Web’s most popular destination for hackers and security experts since 1994 — the original portal also known as the Web’s first and most popular destination for hackers and security experts including the Web’s first search engine for hackers and security experts.

In this post I’ll discuss in-depth the official re-launch of the portal courtesy of a new member of Team — The World’s Leading Expert in the field of cybercrime research and threat intelligence — Dancho Danchev ( …

With the growing cyber warfare tensions between the U.S and Iran it should be clearly noted that a proactive response to the growing threat posed by Iranian Hacking Groups including lone Iran-based hackers should be properly and both technically and qualitatively assessed for the purpose of estimating and measuring the current state of the Iranian Hacking Scene further attempt to bring down key properties of Iran’s leading and major and most prominent Hacking Groups including Personal Web Sites belonging to Iran-based lone hackers for the purpose of ensuring that a proper response can be easily formulated further empowering the Security Industry and the U.S …

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Sample Screenshot of DARKSUNRISE Top Secret VPN Surveillance and Eavesdropping Program

It a modern cybercrime ecosystem driven and motivated by financial gain and actual fraudulent and malicious activities on a large scale it should be noted that modern nation-state adversaries are basically always there to “take care” in terms of launching offensive both passive and active SIGINT and metadata harvesting and interception campaigns this time against VPN users and VPN service providers potentially matching the traffic flow coming out and going out of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers and actually launching targeted and client-tailored attack campaigns against VPN users and vendors of VPN service providers.

In this post I’ll discuss in-depth some of the currently circulating VPN eavesdropping including possible man-in-the-middle and actual metadata harvesting type of attack campaigns launched by nation-state actors targeting users of VPN services and the actual users of the VPN service part of the Top Secret DARKSUNRISE Program including the TURMOIL, TURBULENCE, PINWALE, including the activities of the U.S Intelligence Community’s OTP VPN Exploitation Team. …

It’s becoming increasingly evident that major U.S-based mainstream Security News providers are increasingly becoming victim of a growing trend in the face of “blame it on Russia“ including China and Iran in terms of good old fashioned espionage tactics and techniques known as Active Measures and are therefore proceeding to take down profile and shut down a variety of newly emerged “Fake News” type of online outlets which basically represent nothing more than a good-old fashioned Blackhat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactic capable of attracting hundreds of thousands of new visitors to a particular Web site on the basis of generating rogue and potentially malicious and non-existent type of content including the active establishment of what can be best described as a wrongly perceived online threat in the face of cyber personas which became increasingly popular following the 2016 U.S …

On the majority of occasions it appears that what the GCHQ managed to achieve in terms of “Passive SIGINT” namely to passively monitor and not interfere is pretty similar to what I’ve managed to achieve throughout the years in the field of cybercrime research and threat intelligence gathering namely to passively monitor a variety of newly born cyber threats including the emergence and actively profiling and tracking down of a variety of cybercriminals internationally.

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Sample Screenshot of the Top Secret GCHQ “ANTICRISIS GIRL” Passive Web Traffic and Search Engine and Web Site Traffic Monitoring Program

Passive “SIGINT” also known as passively monitoring for cyber threats and the general approach of proactively monitoring for trends and anticipation of new and fraudulent and potentially malicious “event-based” activities and campaigns online can be best described as a proactive approach in terms of proactively responding to a growing threat posed by fraudulent and malicious cyber actors and fraudulent and malicious cyber attackers whose ultimately goal would be to launch and execute and orchestrate a variety of fraudulent and malicious campaigns online. …

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Official — Astalavista Security Group Logo — Circa 2004

It’s been approximately 12 years since I’ve last touched based with Team Astalavista which basically represents …

I’ve been recently spending more time going through FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals Checklist and I’ve decided to elaborate more potentially reaching out to friends and colleagues including the Security Industry and Law Enforcement in an attempt to share and communicate valuable and recently produced OSINT analysis detailing the activities of several high profile Cybercriminals found on the FBI Most Wanted Cybercriminals Checklist including to provide actionable intelligence and personally identifiable information on some of the key cybercriminals and cybercrime groups listed in the FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals Checklist.

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Sample Maltego Social Network Analysis Graph Covering ITSec Team and the Mershad Co. Company Currently Wanted for Prosecution by the FBI’s Most Wanted Cybercriminals Checklist

Some of the key Cybercriminals and associated Groups which I’ve managed to profile and expose currently…

In ultra-connected societies it should be clearly noted that various communication and networking activities should properly take place for the purpose of connecting millions of users globally.

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Sample Cybertronics — Dark Web Crowd-Funding Campaign Virtual Reality for Hackers and Security Experts Logo

In this post I’ll discuss my most recently launched project which is basically a crowd-funding based campaign currently hosted on the Dark Web whose purpose is to solicit the necessary funds to launch a mainstream Virtual Reality based application and Social Network for Hackers and Security Experts and will offer in-depth overview of the actual implementation financing and funding strategy further aiming to reach out to Medium users in an attempt to raise the necessary funds and eventually recruit a handy team of professional VR and augmented reality developers including possibly a basic Business Development and strategy and solution implementation team. …

It’s been a while since I’ve last managed to properly launch a high-profile security or mainstream hacking and threat intelligence project following my disappearance back in 2010 and the most recently crowd-sourced OSINT Intelligence and Law Enforcement Operation “Uncle George” and I’ve decided to elaborate more on my most recently launched Security and Threat Intelligence type of project dubbed “” …


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The World’s Leading Expert in the field of Cybercrime Research and Threat Intelligence Gathering — Email:

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