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Sample Screenshot of one of today’s primary online forum communities for “date leakers” basically acting as the primary driving force behind the rise of ransoware on the other side of the univerese

In a world dominated by a countless number of malicious and fraudulent cyber threat actor adversaries including the rise of the “penetration testing” crowd whose ultimately goal is to actually lower down the entry barriers into the World of Information Security potentially resulting in thousands of enthical and unethetical penetration…

Have you ever dreamed of getting “caught” and actually making the headlines with your latest research that also includes the digirally naughty party of your research? It should be clearly noted that every decent security researcher and wannabe hacker should take basic pracautions for the purpose of ensuring that their…

Sample Photo of Dancho Danchev Presenting his Keynote on “Tracking Down and Monitoring of the Koobface Botnet” Keynote at CyberCamp 2016

The year is 1998 and Progenic’s Top 100’s has just added yet another hacking group’s portfolio such as for instance among my favorite hacking and security resources which included at the time — WarIndustries, System7, Blackcode, Progenic. Web Fringe, Neworder and TechnicalWarfare.

What was really taking place within the Scene…

Sample Personal Photo of Dancho Danchev circa 2006

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Cyber Intelligence

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From Koobface to the modern cybercrime enterprise — or how to enter the world of cyber security?

It used to be a moment in time when I was practically doing 24/7 research into the underground marketplace as an independent contractor while working for ZDNet’s Zero Day blog in between continuing…

Sample Screenshot of’s Flagship Search Engine for Hackers

It used to be a situation where technological “know-how” and operational capabilities to make an impact globally used to be the primary motivation factor for an entire generation of hackers/crackers/phreakers and security experts globally today’s modern and sophisticated security industry with hundreds of participants and high-profile experts who are basically… — The World’s Most High-Traffic Visited Web Site for Hackers! — Accepting Advertisers!

Dear Medium user,

This is Dancho and I wanted to let everyone know that we’re currently accepting and offering pretty good advertisint inventory on the original search engine for hackers which is the original where we’re currently accepting advertisers and offering permanent banner and a text link position.

Who Wants To Advertise at the Security Industry’s Leading Security Publication? My Personal Blog

Dear Medium user,

It’s been a decade since I’ve launched my personal blog — which quickly became one of the security industry’s leading security publications with over 5.6M page views up to present day since it’s original start in December, 2005 where I’m currently interested in finding out more who might be interested in a possible advertising in the form of a permanent banner and a text link position where we could reach a monthly or yearly agreement and where I can offer a pretty decent advertising inventory in terms of traffic.

Podcast With Me on Using Maltego and WhoisXML API for Bulletproof Malicious Infrastructure Profiling

Dear Medium user,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve recently participated in a WhoisXML API Podcast on the topic of using Maltego for mapping and doing reconnaissance of bulletproof hosting infrastructure.

Listen to it here .

Stay tuned!

Dancho Danchev

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