— The Scene the Way We Know it — My Experience in Running the Portal

Official — Astalavista Security Group Logo — Circa 2004

It’s been approximately 12 years since I’ve last touched based with Team Astalavista which basically represents — The Underground or the World’s Most Popular Information Security Portal which I used to run for the position of Managing Director throughout 2003–2006 and managed to produce a high-volume high-quality Security Newsletter featuring exclusive interviews with people from the Scene including practical guides and articles on Information Security and various daily updated Security Tools and Security Document reviews and since I’ve recently touched based with the Team in a possible portal acquisition attempt I’ve decided to share some of my experience in managing and running the portal throughout 2003–2006 acting as Managing Director of hxxp://

Personal Photo of Managing Director — Dancho Danchev — circa 2006 while running the portal

In this post I’ll describe The Scene the way we know it through the prism of my involvement as a hacker enthusiast throughout the 90’s and my primary position as Technical Collector of trojan horses for a variety of leading anti-trojans vendors including my participation in a variety of Scene-themed and oriented hacker groups at the time including the Netherlands-based Security Vendor - Frame4 Security Systems, TechGenix's and where I was busy responding to general questions related to Information Security which led me to to pursue a career as a Managing Director at hxxp:// - The Underground - The World's Most Popular Information Security Portal for a period of three years while I was busy studying in the Netherlands with my best friend and girlfriend at the time - Yordanka Ilieva - acting as Security Newsletter Proofreader and overly general support throughout the hxxp:// journey.

Sample Screenshot of — The Underground Under the Management of Managing Director — Dancho Danchev — 2006

Throughout 2003–2006 while I was busy running the portal while acting as Managing Director I was basically responsible for managing all the content including basically all the Security Directory and Security News updates on a daily basis including the production of an extremely popular monthly Security Newsletter where I managed to take detailed and in-depth Featured Security Interviews from the various folks across the Scene and the Industry including the active organization and production of Advertising Inventory type of assets including to bring on board a highly-popular and reputable provider of SSL Certificates with their Crypto Challenge namely Thawte including the actual communication and presentation of the Advertising Inventory to a diverse set of possible advertisers.

Sample Introduction Video for Dancho Danchev’s Most Recently Launched “Security is Futile” Security and Hacking Forum Community

Among my key responsibilities at the time were also to ensure that the actual Cracks and Series Search Engines list remains properly formulated in the context of properly describing the existence of malicious code of spyware on the actual Web sites with the idea that the actual hxxp:// domain was never really responsible and was never really hosting any cracks or serials on the actual hxxp:// domain including to properly promote hxxp:// which at the time was the Premium Membership based Security Portal part of the Astalavista Security Group brand.

Sample Photo of Dancho Danchev acting as Managing Director of Astalavista Security Group’s throughout 2003–2006 While Studying in the Netherlands

Sample Security Interviews which I took while working for Astalavista Security Group circa 2003–2006:

Sample Personal Photo of Dancho Danchev While Working for CBS Interactive’s ZDNet Zero Day Blog Throughout 2008–2013

Prior to my involvement in the Astalavista Security Group brand and company I was also involved in several other projects throughout the 90’s as a teenage hacker enthusiast such as for instance:

Sample Personal Photo of Dancho Danchev While Working as a Security Blogger for Webroot Inc.

In its current state the project could be easily transformed thanks to a VR for Hackers and Security Experts crowd-funding platform which I’ve recently launched where you can actually check the Dark Web Onion using the following Clearnet URL including the overall availability of an ubiquitous IoT (Internet of Things) device shipped to millions of users or eventually a good old fashioned Security and Hacking Forum Discussion Community similar to my recently launched “Security is Futile” Hacktivism-type of Community including to actually go through my direct Project Investment Proposal using the following Clearnet URL.

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be definitely looking forward to re-lauching the official Astalavista Security Group hxxp:// portal with the help of a growing set of Dark Web Onion visitors and that I will be definitely looking forward to sharing additional details on the official launch of the portal as soon as I manage to raise the necessary funds to officially launch the project in the form of a VR Application for Hackers and Security Experts or a good old fashioned Security and Hacking Forum Community.

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