Re-Inventing the Hacker Scene and the Information Security Industry Using VR

Todays’s modern information security industry and the hacker Scene constantly needs a modern and novel technological approach to deal with and tackle information and cyber attack vectors information overload for the purpose of improving partnerships and cooperation including to speed up the actual response process which basically consists of users and experts working together to prevent and respond to today’s modern cyber attack threats.

Therefore we’re proud to let you know of a currently active crowd-funded online campaign which aims to raise awareness on the existence of a proprietary and currently in the works VR application for hackers and security experts which aims to offer a unique opportunity for researchers and security experts to communicate and work together while fighting the bad guys and actually working on new projects.

The project dubbed Project Cybertronics is currently sponsored and featured on the infamous which is the original search engine for hackers and is currently accepting donations which will go to properly fund the development and operation of the project and can be found here —

The ultimate goal of the project is allow hackers and security researchers to collaborate in real-time on important events in the industry including to actually work together on important cyber attack cases and incidents.

What do we currently need? Any sort of operational or strategic support for the project including possible donations or VR developers who might be interested in working with us would be a highly valuable addition to the project where we can offer to feature their work and also give credit for the time that they spend on the project.

Who’s interested in working with us on this project? Are you a VR developer interested in working with us on this project? Post a comment or drop me a line at

Stay tuned!