Day 47: Teaching SEO to my 3 Week-Old

In Between Changing Diapers

I have a really cute baby.

She’s also super easy-going. We’ve heard her cry a grand total of 2 times since she was born. She sleeps through the night and has been really healthy.

Not enjoying the cool waterfall… oh well.

Did I mention she’s cute?

Ok, ok, now on to SEO.

Recently I had a conversation with a great friend. He is in his early 20’s and is stoked to get into business. He’s just starting college, but has all the qualities of a great entrepreneur already.

While a business degree isn’t completely necessary, especially for a career in online marketing, I still think it will open doors for him and teach him invaluable lessons.

I convinced him that digital marketing was the way to go. He didn’t take much convincing, but is literally starting from square one.

I am taking the responsibility of teaching him SEO.

With something so involved and deep as Search Engine Optimization, I’m a little nervous about where to start.

Then I thought about my baby (that happens a lot).If I were to teach SEO to a baby, how would I start?

There’s my answer.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is simply creating and improving a website so that certain terms rank higher in search engines. If you rank highly with in search engine results, you get incredible exposure, and can be especially valuable if you have something to sell.

  • an online course
  • a plumbing service
  • decorative mugs
  • live coyote pups

So if someone types in “plumber in Boise, ID”, what pops up?

This does ^

So why do these specific sites pop up? Let’s look at Cloverdale Plumbing, which appears to be the first actual plumbing company in the organic section (more on maps later).

Ok, so this looks like a decent website, but why does Google like it?


The first thing that Google cares about is the actual words on a website. If you put a lot of words related to plumbing, Google knows that’s what the site is about. Even if you’re the greatest plumber in the world, you need to prove it in your content.

Google identifies keywords in order to figure out the intent of the site.

Here’s the text underneath the main picture on the site.

Is there any doubt that this is a plumbing site? There are a lot of different keywords here that all relate to plumbing but aren’t exactly the same. All of these variations paint a clear picture of what the site is all about.

Typically you don’t need to inject keywords all over the place- as you’re writing your content and go into detail about your company and services, those related keywords will naturally pop up.

Don’t overthink it.


Read more about Backlinks here.

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