Picture from the movie: The Notebook

Fly Birdie Fly

I spread my wings and soar in the night. I feel like I am invincible. No one can catch me now. That’s the high you feel when you live in a fantasy. No one is able to reach you because you are so far gone.

I didn’t mean to make you think I was not here like another has taken over.

Truth is my haven is not ideal. My mind plays words into images and I feel like I am in someone’s life cycle when they speak to me. Anyways, my haven is unique. I have a place where I only go and no one knows just how special it is to me. Childhood is the place I remain true to. It’s the best way of life an adult can choose.

As we grow older we become slower to believe in youth and to believe in dreams.

We get cast upon the shore when we hit the waves and a corny line I will say is yes learn how to ride those waves.

Open those arms and spread em wide and fly birdie fly.

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