I’m going back to the start

Back to where we lost our hearts;

Overseas I feel your words like waves crashing over me

And it’s over, yes it’s over

I can’t hide my emotions again like I am under cover.

Playing this role has become a part I know all the lines too well.

You show up out of nowhere and lock me in your spell.

Only time will tell;

Loving you drags me through hell and the bandaid is glued on to my skin,

If I rip it off I swear I won’t look back again.

I know I know I know I have said time and time before. But I need to let you walk out that door. Just shut it gently and remember me.

No more bad tastes and expired memories.

This time I want to freeze time in this pain just to realise I deserve the treatment to heal the wound. Just like that song “this scar is ugly but I wear it so well.”

Time will only tell.

Loving you darling did not ring no wedding bells.

Farewell darling. Farewell. Till we meet again in another life time.

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