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As cold words flood me,

And I am brought to tears

Who will I run to, away with my fears?

Does anyone ever notice me or soon shall I disappear?

With what will they want from me, now that I am here?

I liked to be needed and needed I do.

What will it cost me to cover all these dues?

A knife in the back, a ship with no crew.

They tell me what I want to hear, only if it were true.

This hole that was empty seems slightly askew.

Tell me oh tell me with what shall I do?

They tried to keep me here mounted with super strong glue.

But I am not captured for I fly with my broom.

A wicked crackle and silly smile I take in a carriage as speed goes VROOM.

No words can hold me such hostage even if cold.

I will be strong and I will be bold.

I will not always do as I am told.

I will never be weary, I will never grow old.

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