I use to think I wasn’t strong enough,

To cope with the things life threw at me.

Not until I had only me to pick myself up.

There is everyone I love gone rest in peace.

Being alone is not so scary when you are only stripping naked feeling good in your own skin.

I practiced and preached self confidence but never had it; till now.

Till now; you only know what you can handle and what you will handle. I know what I can handle and what I WILL handle and that is a huge difference. I CAN handle tough lessons but I will only handle what is affecting ME inside. I cannot change those who live their lives in uncertainty.

But I can only live for me.

Reality was haunting me like a ghost walking through a rusty tunnel to the black bitter ends of my heart but now reality has given me a fresh start.

Why throw it away?

Don’t look back now. I will not need to look back because I am only going forward.

Honestly, I don’t care who comes with me or not. I have left my heart stew in this corrupted pot for too long.

My scars are fresh but I am brand new.

Like a sheep I had lost my way. I saw a sign above me. Is this God’s calling or am I just falling down? Stand up now and shake the dust off. Wherever HE is is where I will be.

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