The Rent is Too Damn High Part 2

A few days ago my room-mate informed me that next year he is leaving as our rents are going up to the stratosphere so if he leaves so must I. My room-mate is a school teacher and I am a museum security guard. New York City rents are brutalizing folks like us. In order to live comfortably in New York City you must make upwards of $70 a year this is a salary that neither school teachers nor security guards can ever achieve unless you take on extra jobs or work non-stop overtime.

Basically the working class is being crushed.

I’m looking to move from my current Brooklyn location to either Washington Heights in Manhattan or to the Boogie Down Bronx. Must be near the subway walking distance to the train and cat friendly. Where I go my cat Sylvester goes with me. Safety is also paramount.

I’m also willing to consider Queens as long as it is a short walk to the subway. Also wherever I go whether I wind up in a studio or a one-bedroom it must have enough room and be in a safe neighborhood where Stephen can visit me. It would also be nice for the neighborhood to have amenities like good grocery stores, banks, a Walgreens pharmacy, etc…

I hope to make the move sometime around Spring/Summer/Early Autumn 2017.

Please contact me privately using my Gmail address. Thanks!!

Gentrification is pushing working class people like me out of the neighborhood. Once the Hipsters start moving in the rest of us are forced to leave. I like Brooklyn, I enjoy living here and wish that I could stay. Truthfully since I will be making more money in my new position technically I could stay if I worked DOUBLE SHIFTS FOUR TIMES A WEEK!! Yes if I did maximum overtime which would mean giving up writing, photography and naturally blogging I could stay in my Beloved Brooklyn. If I give up having any kind of life including Not Seeing my brother Stephen I could remain put but I’m not willing to do that so move I must!!

As some of you may know from reading my previous posts either on my blog Espiritu en Fuego or here on Medium my brother Stephen has Autism. He needs me and I need him. I also served in the military and am a U.S. Army Veteran who served from November 1977 to November 1981. Many of the homeless we see lying in the streets and inside the subway terminals, platforms and in the trains are Veterans! This is an abomination!!

So as we prepare to Celebrate the year end and new beginning Holidays please keep us in mind. I’m just an old Army Veteran doing my best to care for my Autism brother Stephen Palmer. Thank you!

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