I’m more digital than you!

I am writing this while on a plane to my beloved Transylvania-home of one of the greatest lie ever told: The Dracula story.

Now for most of you, the count resembles with bats, vampires, walking dead and blood-thirst. For some of you, who accidentally or intentionally were interested in finding out more about the “real” history behind, the count was a hero of the Christianity as he fought the evil Turks-whatever that means… As for the few, such as myself, he was just a men of his time, who’s story went viral. 3 ways of seeing and defining the same thing differently. Does it ring a bell?

What if I’d now asked you: “What does digital mean to you?” Some of you would argue it’s related to the knowledge behind the usage of the digital tools (marketing, media, channels), others would say it’s a way of life-and yes by that I also mean a digital dress-code (you’d be surprised!) and than the smart few would say: digital is the new analog.

I tend to disagree with all. But be advised. I don’t have the slightest idea what digital means.

The good news is I know what it isn’t:

Digital is not a buzzword you just fit in old phrases to seem more hype.

Digital is not a framework.

Digital is not a strategy.

Digital is not a type of talent you hire.

Digital is not using normal words to point out an argument.

Digital is not a channel. (If there still is anybody out there that thinks digital=ecommerce)

Digital is not reading Wired, Mashable ++ all day long.

Digital is not having a Mac.

Digital is definitely not a dress-code. Wearing sneakers and jeans while working sure isn’t what digital means.

Digital is not the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social networks.

Digital is not making presentations with great design.

Digital is not the usage of Steve Jobs videos.

Digital is not using Google Maps and Yelp to get to a destination.

Digital is not having the latest Smartphone/watch.

Digital is not building an App.

Digital is not having a Startup and living in Silicon Valley

… The list is open. Fill it out with your daily frustrations when asked “What is digital?” by commenting below.

Digital is a story, describing the times that we live in, that went viral and has taken over our lives.

Just a humble opinion. Enjoy, comment & follow :)