Now McDonald’s is making fun of the President

What happened here then?

McDonald’s is the latest company to have had a dig at the new world leader, albeit because their Twitter feed appears to have been compromised or hacked. The corporation issued the following tweet on 16 March 2017:

@realDonaldTrump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands.”

I actually found this pretty funny. I mean the fast food giant has been becoming more health conscious by displaying the nutritional content of its meals and what could be more healthy for the average American right now than getting Obama back?

On a serious note though, it’s obvious that the corporation didn’t approve this rogue update. For one thing, the poster may be incredibly talented at hacking but obviously wasn’t paying much attention in their English class. It would be much more conventional to have described Mr Trump as a sad excuse for a President than a sad excuse of one, although technically both can be considered correct.

Also the use of actually is unnecessary but I’m not here just to comment on the way people phrase things… or am I?

Reading about the incident led me to look up the video for the time the billionaire appeared in a McDonald’s commercial back in 2002. It’s actually a pretty good advert. I wonder if the commander in chief still eats at McDonald’s. He strikes me as a man of tradition. I mean he’s been wearing that tie for at least fifteen years.

To me the tiny hands comment seems like a very low blow. I mean the guy can’t help how big his hands are. Are they really that tiny? I haven’t heard that about him before. Maybe this is the poster’s way of attacking his masculinity, you know like if a guy has tiny feet and drives a sports car… he’s probably compensating for something. I have a theory that in fact anyone who earns above average and still chooses to work more than about sixty hours a week probably has some kind of erectile dysfunction. I mean why else would they work during that time of night?

C’mon, this was never going to be a serious article.

McDonald’s has apologised for the misuse of its Twitter account. Sort of. They said that Twitter notified them of the message, which they then deleted and that they were going to investigate it further. So actually, no they didn’t apologise. I don’t really care though, I mean ‘sorry’ does have a time and place but it doesn’t bother me that much that McDonald’s hasn’t apologised for this breach of their account as they’re really the victim here. It does make me feel like a Big Mac though… hmm…