How white economic empowerment, specifically afrikaner economic empowerment, uplifted white South Africans through official government policy from the early 1900s into apartheid

Union before Apartheid

1910: Country formed after war between british and afrikaners. Only white people can vote besides a small group of people…

A love letter to stories, sport, and little miracles

Katy wanted a woke millennial angst anthem, but Chained To The Rhythm sounds calculated and insincere. P!nk’s instant hit expresses the emotional tumult of 2017’s disheartened young people much better.

Have you heard what Bessie Smith was singing about lollipops in the 20s? How about the 400 year old dildo song? Music is not dirtier now. It’s just more accessible.

What is it about your favourite radio presenter that makes them the best? Many conventions make good radio, but one skill makes great radio.

All radio presenters are really trying to do is convince you to spend a little time every day with them, through what they talk about, and how they talk about it. Yet, everyone likes their radio presenters a little different. People love radio presenters who possess admirable qualities, but everyone finds different qualities admirable. It all depends on the kind of person you as a listener want to spend time with.

Some love shock jocks because they ‘break the rules’ / ‘tell it like it is’ / ‘don’t give a damn about political correctness.’ Others find shock jocks arrogant, obnoxious and offensive.

The biggest obstacle to musicians is the music industry. Soundcloud can free artists from self-interested industry middle-men using blockchain. The platform has already opened up the whole world for anyone making music. It can revolutionise our soundscapes again.

The Music Industry Mess

The world is full of extraordinary songs by artists with no fans, labels or money behind them. These songs go nowhere because exposure to audiences is carefully controlled by companies who seek to promote their own artists. With money and networks, you can buy legions of social media followers and use them to dupe the public into listening to your tracks. With a stable of artists, you can influence concert and festival creators to make space for your lesser-known performers in exchange for providing your bigger…

Dan Corder

Broadcaster | Show Director | Radio Show Host | Researcher | Lecturer | South African | elsewhere @dancorderonair and

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