Funded vs Bootstrapped: Comparing the Metrics of 37 SaaS Companies
Clement Vouillon

I think that there are more boot strapped enterprise SaaS companies out there than you think. It is just that they ae focused on their vertical and not part of the tech conversation. In vertical industries, it is very hard for broad platform solutions to effectively compete. Accounting solutions, HR solutions, project management, marketing all have very particular workflow which is very expensive to customize, therefore vertical solutions are better, more fully featured and less expensive to implement. So Better, faster, cheaper. Vertical markets are not as suseptable to land grabs. Therefore it is posible to gain meaningful marketshare over time just chugging away instead of hyper growth. I predict in a few years we will all look up and see very large M&A deals with bootstrapped enterprise SaaS companies who have been flying under the radar.

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