The Intro to “A Tiny Intro to Database Systems”

“Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help.“— What Is A Hacker, Eric Steven Raymond (2001)

This is the story behind “A Tiny Intro to Database Systems”. For those intrigued by the technical part of it, you can access it from here.

Back in December 2014, I wrote a blog post featuring why people should blog/write/share . It was one of my first. Later on, in January, I stumbled upon How to learn efficiently, by Daniel Lemire. The following particularly caught my attention: “[W]riting … would be a very effective way to learn the material. Teaching is a great way to learn, because it challenges you.

Being a full time student, I started writing little posts left and right, explaining what we were seeing in class in a little bit more detail. The idea was the following: if it takes me 9 hours to fully understand roughly 45 slides, why should all students spend 9 hours on the same thing, if the topic can be explained in 30 min?

In the same manner I could explain to a friend what we covered in class today, I could do the same by writing it down, with more examples, more details, or just a simpler approach.

So here it is.

12 weeks of writing.

A Tiny Intro to Database Systems .

It’s something I wish I will be able to update in the next coming months, so please let me know in the comments which topics you’ll like to be covered.

By writing this, I hoped that it will inspire some others to do the same. The goal wasn’t only to help my peers, but also to motivate people to write and develop their own educational projects. It can by applied to any subject. It is an attempt to make education accessible and effortless. If you are a student, I strongly encourage you to do the same.

If you feel like helping out or if you have questions (either on databases or other stuff), send me a tweet @dandancrisan and we can work something out.

Thanks for reading!

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Dan Crisan, currently 2 days left in my Software Engineering degree, can’t wait to restart working on and move to Cali!