Welcome to our third segment on Open Turns. This week, we will be discussing the SECRET to a PERFECT Push and Glide off your walls- after completing either The Crunch or The Spin turn. If you’re not sure which turn you should be utilizing, [CLICK HERE] to learn more about the pros and cons of each of these Open Turn styles! Otherwise, let’s get started.

As we talked about last week, a swimmer will complete an Open Turn and end up in their normal “ready position”.

What is Normal “Ready” Position?

Normal “ready” position is defined as: swimmers feet and knees are shoulder width apart…

Two weeks ago, we discussed the 3 steps swimmers must do to setup for PERFECT open turns. This week, we are diving deeper into what happens after swimmers have completed those 3 steps and both of their hands have touched the wall.

In case you haven’t read Part I of this series, [CLICK HERE]. Otherwise, let’s get started!

In reality, there is only two styles of an open turn. The two styles are called:

1.The Spin Turn

Personal settings are one of those non-sexy things in any software out there. But they’re also super helpful when you want to reduce the amount of time it takes you to do a task with the app. Over the past few months, coaches have been requesting a way to set certain default settings in their accounts in Commit Swimming

  • Some have asked for a way to make the definition of a “week” start on Monday, not on Sunday.
  • Other swim coaches have requested the ability to unlock workouts ahead practice for their swimmers to see in the app.
  • Others…

Perfecting your open turns is a definite must for all swimmers. Whether you’re at the developmental level, an IMer, and/or performing kick sets with a board at practice-knowing how to get your body into an optimum position, after finishing with a hand touch is crucial to fast swimming. In our next series, we will breaking down Open Turns very similar to our Flipturn Series to help you improve your Open Turns!

Let’s get Started!

Just like the Flipturn, the Open Turn has 3 parts:

1.) The Setup

2.) The Crunch

3.) The Push-Off

All of these movements must be performed well and sequentially, or swimmers will significantly slow down.

What’s the main difference between Open Turns & FlipTurns?

The main difference…

Now that there are thousands of users who have been working with Commit Swimming for several years, we have heard lots of requests related to making “starting a new season” more intuitive in Commit. So… we did!

We did two things to solve this problem

1. Ability to archive Teams

This post is courtesy of Abbie Fish of RITTER Sports Performance. From qualifying for the Olympic Trials to working at USA Swimming’s headquarters, Abbie has been on all sides of swimming. Abbie is a stroke mechanics guru and believes anyone with the heart to train can benefit from technical advice!

Welcome to our last and final segment on our feet. Last week, we discussed why our two toe tests can deduct any possible restrictions in your Spinal (Fascial) line and also, what to do to “break” up these restrictions.

This week, we plan on going more in depth on how…

At the beginning of Commit Swimming, coaches selected a subscription plan to our software individually. They could choose monthly or yearly pricing. Now, we have the ability for teams and clubs to have multiple coaches all under one subscription for a heavy discount. The problem was, in order to add coaches, remove coaches, increase the total number of coaches, and decrease the total number of coaches on a particular subscription, you had to contact Commit directly. This was a hassle. So… we fixed it!

Dan Dingman

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