I like this concept because I can relate to avoiding negative emotions.
Aaron Nunez

Of course you are right about Warren Buffet, but stocks and investing is a bit different than daily life :) It could just mean sending 25 cold emails each day. This can easily be automated using Streak (for Gmail) or a Messenger marketing app (like MassPlanner). I’ve been doing this and a bunch of other stuff. Language learning is another example — people don’t like to try and practice a language because they’re afraid of making mistakes or looking embarrassed.

One hint I would say (as I alluded to in the above paragraph) is to automate your attempts. That reduces the struggle. For instance I found a press sheet with 3,000+ journalist contacts, and instead of manually emailing them I came up with a clever pitch and an interesting “hook” and used Streak’s Mail Merge to email them all over the course of a few days.

So I guess my response is, make sure that your mistakes are cheap or free and you’ll be fine :)