The ONE secret that will set you apart from everyone else in 2018 👊🏻

The view is beautiful from the top.

The holidays 🎄 are upon us and 2018 is right around the corner. 💫

Looking back, 2017 was probably the best year of my life. Never have I made more progress in my personal and business life.

I hate resolutions, but I gave myself ONE solitary resolution in 2017. Rather, it was more of a guiding principle.

It has probably made the biggest difference in my life thus far.

Double my rate of failure.

Ideally, I wanted to fail 200x per day.


• Because when you put yourself out there, it demands that you bring out the very best… warts and all
• Because often we succeed… in spite of ourselves
• Because we bounce back each time smarter and more resilient
• Because it dramatically reduces the time it takes for us to act (this is HUGE!).

We can make important decisions in the blink of an eye, without mulling over them for weeks or months… because we’re not concerned with mental demons of possible fear or embarrassment.

And these things push us forward. Further and faster than we imagined possible.

To fail more often I’ve pushed myself to reach higher. I’ve been aiming for grander goals, especially ones that seem unrealistic or beyond my ability.

There’s an interesting concept I’ve learned of called “The Pygmalion Effect.” Wikipedia defines it as thus: “the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance.”

I’ve forced myself to walk through the fire this year, again and again, and my skin has become flame-proof. It’s given me the armor I need to push forward to greater challenges and demand even higher standards of myself than I ever would have thought possible.

This has also helped to solve a personal flaw I’ve carried throughout much of my life: I’ve retreated from things that make me feel uncomfortable by avoiding them entirely.

For example, I might not open an email if I felt it contained bad news.

My emotions were compelling me to remain ignorant of things that often had serious repercussions for my life.

I want to help you have your best year ever in 2018.

I’ve shot a new video for you guys on location here in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka 🌴). If you need some encourage or support, I’m here.

The best way to get “into my head” and gain the best VALUE from me is to read my books.

My new book, “Dr Growth” is available for preorder for a few more days.

You can buy the book for just $11 — but you have to hurry while it’s available.

If it doesn’t completely change the way you approach your marketing, I’m offering a “double your money back guarantee.”

Simply shoot me an email ( and I’ll pay you back $22 — you win either way. And give me your honest feedback so I can improve 😊

I want to make it impossible for you to fail.

Of course… I can’t make it entirely impossible. That’s up to you. But I can try to give you the tools and guarantees such as this one to make it easier.

Talk to you again soon!

Author of Buy Your Own Island, Hack Sleep, and Hack E-mail. Editor of OpenWorld Magazine and host of the OpenWorld podcast.

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