Hangovers Make Me Feel Alive

Idk what you want to call it either Getting Older or Having a High Tolerance but lately it seems to me that hangovers are lasting 2+ days. Its getting really annoying. Dont worry I wont let that deter me from raging out but I keep trying to figure out ways to combat the hell that is the day after. I’ve taken advice from everyone and anyone that is willing to hear me grovel at their feet to find the best cure. My Nina (thats the cute Spanish way to say godmother btw) has raised me with the saying “Hair of the Dog” and yea that works out great but I always end up getting a cool quick buzz that just puts me on my ass later that day. A buddy of mine just sticks to the ibuprofen and water trick. That works too but I still feel sluggish not knowing why. Kinda like walking with your leg asleep. You get where you have to go but it’s a pain. I used to do the old drink some coca cola and eat so greasy fries or greasy whatever trick to calm the stomach pains but that just led to me feeling bloated and regretting making eye contact with the mirror throughout the day.

I joke about hangovers constantly and I know all my friends have heard me say it but low key it’s a big concern of mine. Like I said I’m not slowing down but I’m out here in this buzzed/drunk/wrecked/shlonkey/shlitzed world of ours trying to conquer the day after. I wont stop till I figure out something that works.

O and dont give me the old bullshit line of “Youre just dehydrated from all the booze so drink Water!” (thats dumb I wont stand for it!) Water is for washing clothes and watering the plants. Plus we just got out of a drought and I for one wont dare let us get back into one.

Ill take any suggestions and tricks please help I’m kinda desperate because its only getting worse!