My Vomit!

Saturday the 15th October started different to any other for me. My partner and I woke to the alarm going off and having to get out of bed. We both pulled on wetsuits and jumped into the car to head to the pier. Pulling up we met the crew for a very special anniversary jump.

This was different to any other Saturday for a couple of reasons but one being that I’d never done this before. Originally coming from a town just north of London, jumping in the sea wasn’t a part of the daily routine, or any routine for that matter. Swimming when I was in my teens was confined to the grubby school pool and was an activity we were forced in to for PE, ending as soon as it wasn’t compulsory.

Toes on the edge of the wooden pier, looking down a few meters at friends already in the cold mirky water. Off I go….

It’s bloody freezing!

Soon though the cold past (probably numbness) and a sense of calm set in. Laying back and bobbing there looking up at the pier, I had to ask myself. “Why haven’t I always done this….”

It’s funny to be sharing this at 8pm on a Wednesday evening, with more work to get through (some being pretty damn important), but here’s to daily “blogging” and getting my mind vomit out there to relieve some space.

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