To day i’m here to tell about my friend wedding.We have been friend since we are a fresher so now it’s about 8 years that we were friends.we are really closed because we do everything together,we always help each other so that make we strong.When we were in the campus,we are really popular,everyone in the major know us every well.It have a lot of story about us.One year can not make it clear.I am going to introduce my friends.

Gift — who is a bride

Is she pretty? I’m pretty sure that every one say YES. Gift is a friend who have married but she is not the first who get marry.She is a little big girl,lol.She really enjoy with every kind of food,I think because her mom cooked very well.She look so elegant in her wedding.No one can compare with her.When i saw here in a first time,I can’t close my eyes and every say Oh my god. :)

Tak — who are really skinny ?

I have to start with — Who are really skinny ?- - of course she is Takky.she is a simple girl who are not care with anything.she eat a lot and poo after that,I’m not kidding.When we were friends we like to make a joke of her action after have meal.I’m not a bad boy.I’m make joke just for smile.

Pep — Innocent

She a cute girl in us team and she is really innocent.We like to discuss on here action.She like to laugh or smile with out sense that make everyone in team like to ask her “What happen pepsi?” and every time we got “NO”

Mind — Angel

Mind is a sweet girl and really kind like a angel.She never say “No” when every one request something from her.

Nok — Baby

Why i have to give her a baby because he is the smallest girl in a team.It’s not mean she ugly.she have a smooth skin and white.her appearance look pretty cute like pep.she was a shy girl but since i met her from this wedding she look more confident.

Jah — Strong strong strong

Jah or Jah ja is a fasion girl.She born with future fashion.I have met her first tine with incredible hair style and amazing high heel.she is easy going,friendly and really nice with every one but you have to be careful in some moment.LOL

Nong — Makeup artist

Nong or Nongny is a beautiful.she love to make up and help her friends more pretty by makeup.everyone in team love her makeup.she is very nice girl, calm and polite.she have a long and pretty hairs.

Preaw — Big mom

she is the first who have married in our team and have baby.she met her boyfriend in the island so she give Ta-le name for her baby.Ta-le mean sea.In our team like to make fun with her chin because he have a pointed chin.It is like surgery but it’s real one.

Mim — Big heart

She is a big girl who have heart same as her size,lol. Mim or Mimmy is a girl who are like to do every things crazy.She love to dance, love party, love drink and love to hang out with freinds.I am really closed with her because we like many thing together and she never say no to me.She is very easy going, nice and like to make joke.We are always have a happy time when we have her.

Tudtoo — Ladyboy

Please read this before you get mistake.She is not a ladyboy.shy is a real lady.We like to make joke with her in this point because she is very tall and skinny.when she took a pictures or have to dress up.It’s look like ladyboy,lol.She and me are very close.I have learn many new things from her.she are really crazy girl love to drink more than mimy.She is the first one who teach me to stay with bitch life, not much strain, make me more growth up and learn more about social. Thank you TUDTOO..

It’s me — Dadar

It’s me,please call me Dadar.I am a only man in the team.Team have 9 women and only one man but it is not a problem. I am love fashion, drink , party, hang out, travel and more other things than i can say.I really love about photography, love to be a model and make up,I mean every things about fashion.I am growth up from country side and like to pretend that I’m a good person,lol.I am president of the team and make a lot of problem for our team so that make us more strong and be a big team that have the quality.We make many things happen.It’s all about some part of my tea-m.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Gift’s Wedding — — —— — — — — — — —

The day of your marriage, it’s true
So shiny and fine,
With all best friends beside you
To have a great time.
We wish you showers of love
Starting your lives as one,
And happiness shared together
May reign over your lives forever!

……………………………I write this blog for my friend………………………