“The way I see life, is if you want to see the rainbow, you need to put up with rain..” (D.P.)

Holiday are coming. The holiday brings a special spirit around. However, it could trigger many unhappy memories as well. It could bring pain and griefs as well, as happiness and cheerful experience. Many people feel stuck and unable to live life the way they deserve. Many rules had been put in the place that a person could feel isolated, alone and unwanted..

Many people are left alone, going through grief alone.

Many people feel dissociative , unworthy, never good enough.

Many people have trouble in their relationships, unable to communicate with another person without arguments and fights.

Many people super analyse everything, having trust issues..

If you want to find sense of belonging, understand your behaviour, improve relationships and communication, and recognise your triggers.. you might reach out..

I wish that everyone lives life to their full potential, and is ready to recognise when one needs to change life habits and is unable to do that alone..

Let me help you to build skills of resilience, to find answers that you looking for, to understand why you react in certain situations the way you react..

I will be with you through your self-discovery process, helping you to reach your goals..


If you have found part of self in the context, and think that is the time to reach your goals, and unstuck that stickiness; I am only a call away.

Book a counselling session with Anna at ‘Resilient Thinking’ Psychotherapy & Counselling (FB page).

“Resilient’ Anna




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“Resilient..” Anna

“Resilient..” Anna

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