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It’s a pretty big thing to declare all the cultural and literary pursuits of western culture as inherently racist, homophobic, etc etc. When you put them in the lens of today it does put them in a different light because we continue to grow and evolve. But to say we were all unwittingly racists because we wax nostalgic is just adding to the hysteria of today, where the heroes point out in horror anyone who disagrees with their ideology. Relax buddy and look at history in context, not by the injustices understood better today. My country was vastly different in cultural makeup than it is today. And the media we consumed reflected that. That doesn’t make a generation racist. It helps us see just how incredibly far we’ve all come and how far we as a western society still need to go. There’s better ways to build your argument than shaming. But. I guess that might be the Gen X way if I’m to agree with your hypothesis. Lighten up and put The Sugercubes on.

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