Owl didn’t swallow Mouse

“Wow, that was great timing. Fox and Moose were getting on my nerves,” Mouse tells Owl as he crawls out her mouth.

“How long were the 3 of you running together,” asks Owl.

“Since morning,” answers Mouse.

“Ouch, I can’t imagine. I would’ve flown off the handle,” says Owl.

“I was about to snap,” adds Mouse, as he rolls his eyes. “The 2 of them couldn’t stop talking about meals they had in the past. All. Day. Vols, willow twigs, rabbit, birds, worms, berries. They just repeated themselves, like they had forgotten that they just described the exact same meal 5 minutes prior. ‘Ohhhh, this one willow tree’ Moose would say. I think he talked about ‘this one willow tree’ a hundred times. Fox was the same story- ‘I don’t often catch an old rabbit, but this one old rabbit was sooo tasty’. I hear all about every part of this old rabbit, let me tell you. Every part!” Mouse looks up at Owl, shakes his head, and looks out at the night sky.

“I bet,” Owl says, her eyes scouring the forest floor. “I figured I was rescuing you from them. Except I thought they were hunting you not haranguing you!”

“I would have appreciated being harangued!” shouts Mouse, with his tiny voice. “Haranguing has purpose, direction, meaning. They were in a starvation spiral unable to find food, and unable to talk about anything BUT food.”

“Well, you’re welcome. Can I offer you some beetles to eat?” asks Owl.

“Yes please!” exclaims Mouse.

Owl lifts her wings, stands tall, then scrunches her body down to the branch, raises her head, opens her mouth, and makes a gurgling sound, curls her neck downward, and brings up beetle legs, and arms, and heads out onto the branch in between the 2 chit chatting animals.

“Oh. My. I. Don’t. Know. If. I. Can….thank you enough,” Mouse says as he grasps the beetle bits with his hands and mashes them into his chomping mouth.

“Don’t mention it,” says Owl, as she settles her body back into a comfortable perching position at the top of the pine tree.

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