The Boracay Life

White Beach

Welcome to Boracay Island home to just over 12000 people, with white sandy beaches and crisp clear waters as far as the eye can see, little is left to the imagination for what could possibly be any more beautiful.

Boracay has something for everyone whether you would like to try scuba diving to have a look at the beautiful marine life or maybe you’d prefer some wind surfing or paddle boarding, the choices are endless. Or perhaps you may prefer to enjoy fresh coconut juice and read your favourite book underneath the palm trees. Life really couldn’t get much better.

There are plenty of great places to have food and enjoy the wonders of island life with music round every corner, people from all corners of the world journey far and wide to reach these beautiful shores. As you walk and ponder down the sandy beach, you may be feeling peckish, never fear! because there is plenty of choice for everyone on Boracay. You may not be a fan of island food but do not worry, I happened to stumble across a lovely restaurant that sold English Breakfast! you heard correctly. Enjoy a cup of tea with your feet in the sand, you can’t go wrong.

One thing about Boracay Island are the people you meet, who have so many fantastic stories to tell, you’ll be amazed by how people stumble upon Boracay once you’ve plunged into island life you won’t want to leave!

One thing Boracay teaches you if it teaches you anything, life is going to throw everything your way (including the kitchen sink) so take a step back from the fast lane now and then and enjoy the natural wonders of the world.