How to Stop Wordpress Comment Spam in 30 Seconds

How to stop Wordpress website comment spam in 30 seconds — no plugins or php editing needed.

I love writing on Medium, but I also love developing my own blog. Everyone hopes that their blog posts will go viral, but in reality 95% of the comments you’re going to get are going to be spam.

They’re spammers that hijack a built-in piece of ultimately useless Wordpress code that lets you add a website to comments.

The goal for these spammers is to suck domain authority from your website to their own.

While this sounds harmless, it can damage the reputation of your website to visitors and to search engines like Google.

If you lookup ways to prevent this comment jacking, everyone recommends a slew of plugins or edits to your Wordpress core files. I try to abide by minimalism, only making core edits and downloading plugins when absolutely necessary.

Here is how you can stop comment spammers in their tracks using the built-in tools available to you already:

When logged into your Wordpress Admin go to Appearance > Customize in the left menu pane

This should bring up your themes customization options, and 90% of the themes I’ve worked with have an CSS Customization Field

In that field enter:

.comment-form-url {

Say goodbye to comment spam, you’ll thank me later.