That Travel Feeling

Taken in the Scottish Highlands.

Just over a month ago I returned home from Asia, I remember the emptiness I felt when I touched down in the UK but I wasn’t sure what in particular made me feel that way.

Now, I’m travelling around the UK for just a few weeks and I know exactly what had caused that feeling. Arriving in Scotland, walking through the streets of Edinburgh, driving through the highlands, it all makes me realise what had made me feel that way. It was knowing that when I touched down, I wouldn’t be experiencing new things everyday.

There is a magic to seeing new places, to meeting new people, to not knowing the roads you’re walking, to being away from your normality.

People say once you travel a little, you get this constant urge to keep seeing more and it’s true. You want to chase that magical feeling because there’s no other feeling quite like it. That travel feeling.