Trigger Warnings and Affirmative Consent are About the Same Thing
Mirah Curzer

I’m so sick of the “anti-PC” crap — PC is just a fancy way of saying “be nice”.

And the pattern isn’t just about intercourse, it’s at every step of courtship. Every step of the way is played out to maximize the chance of having sex. Everything from alcohol to the delaying conversations about expectations, exclusivity, STDs… Courtship in and of itself could easily be interpreted as a ritual for increasing the man’s chances. It’s easy to see how this makes sense for tea, but nobody has an overpowering urge to drink tea with anybody. The sad reality, I believe, is that many men don’t really learn that women are actual humans until after they have the drumbeat of libido as the background music for the world… It’s really easy to lose sight of the fact that our biology is kinda fucked: most sex in the animal kingdom is pretty fucking rapey.