An Invitation to the Creative Community

Dan Doyle
Dan Doyle
Jul 14, 2016 · 2 min read

(An Opportunity To Contribute to a Documentary on Creativity)

By Dan Doyle

Producing a Documentary

In my May 12 Medium post entitled “One Song Four Versions … A Documentary … The Adjacent Possible,” I addressed the plan to produce a documentary on the creative process, including the creative steps involved in writing, composing and recording one song four different ways. On June 5, singer and music teacher Dianne Mower, pianist Matt DeChamplain, and videographer Andrew Hoops, joined me in Wethersfield, Connecticut for the initial shoot. When completed, the documentary will include footage of this first session, during which we discussed the likely song genre choices that will eventually be recorded:

  • A rock and roll version.
  • A stride/ragtime version.
  • A ballad version.
  • A four-part medley: doo wop, country, bossa nova and double-time waltz.

We also decided on the musicians we will invite to join us at Tapeworks in Hartford for the recording session.

An Invitation!

The documentary will not only examine the creative process of producing a music CD, but will welcome video commentary from individuals in other fields: One or more authors, architects, artists, sports figures, entrepreneurs, and other creative visionaries will be included.

If you feel that you, or anyone you know, would offer the documentary important insight into the creative process, we hope to hear from you. Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Eileen Angelini, is a member of the production team. Dr. Angelini will focus on selecting a diverse group of individuals whose thoughts on creativity will enhance the documentary. Please e-mail your recommendation(s) to Dr. Angelini at Kindly limit your abstract to 200 words. Abstracts longer than 200 words will be returned for editing.

I will continue to provide periodic updates on what I am confident will be an exciting and productive project.

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Written by

Dan Doyle

Author of The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting and An African Rebound. Founder of the World Scholar Athlete Games.

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