With the passage of time as a software developer, I’ve always had a concern … All people are trained to handle software.

Based on this premise and talking to some friends in the health sector, specifically with speech therapists come to the same concern, then these friends commented me that children with cognitive disabilities can not handle some applications because the same are not designed for them; applications are designed for people who have no disability.

Now, from this talk that we had arrived at the conclusion that it would be helpful for evaluators (speech therapists) and evaluated (people with cognitive disabilities) that there is any application that will help them to them to make their assessments and that people with disabilities are not excluded from the technology sit side. For this reason, it is born EvaCog, being a desktop application that provides a solution to the evaluators and the evaluated; from the side of the evaluators, they no longer have to be registering all the answers, all you have to do is be aware of the evaluated and from the side of the evaluated a study of what starts are the tasks of interaction they can handle more easily as drag, click, select, etc

First, knowing the type of assessments that people with cognitive disabilities had to perform was a big challenge because, these people use a material that should be black and white because, you can not use very bright colors because you can lose the objective of the evaluation, the material must also always be changing, because people with cognitive disabilities can damage the. Now it based on these assessments is generated a first functional design Figure 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Figure 1

Second, after understanding the main needs of the evaluators and the evaluated the decision to make an application desktop as a study was conducted to evaluators where they were wondering how convenient was to make the application for desktop or taken Mobile, the result was as follows fearlessness, evaluators said people with cognitive disabilities tend to play a lot with mobile then they think a desktop application to help them control much evaluated.

However, as a developer I am I must emphasize a feature that I found very particular and was able to show the assessed evaluation of a very dynamic and that his answer was just a click, then, as seen in the Figure 6, the evaluated has an extra screen to answer and all those answers will be stored in a database but something that is very important to do know is being done an alternate study where you want to know what time response of each evaluated and depending on the response time that the assessed delay, the system must make the decision to show the assessor a notice saying that the assessed needs to be ask the question another way, because their response time in previous sessions was very high.

Figure 6. Left side window evaluator and right side window evaluated.

Finally, development is called EvaCog a system that can help evaluators to guide an assessment to determine what type of treatment that a person should be done with cognitive disabilities, as well as every system has a system login and password to enter the application, also has management assessed and evaluators, appointment management to make assessments and the whole system is integrated with a database of local service.