MaxiVideo Video Editor Creator for android

DandroidMobile has developed a great android app named MaxiVideo Video Editor Creator for Android. This app is one of the best video editors in the Android market. It allows you to create, modify, edit videos, and share them with your friends. It uses ffmpeg, which is the most powerful tool to modify videos. It is available free of charge.

With a modern and integrated user interface, this app provides all the functionalities from the main window. It provides buttons to create videos, load them with a file manager, load them from our internet repository, configure a loop for watching, remove audio or music, add music to your videos, cut the video duration and crop the video frame size.

Core Features:
- Two video players in the main window.
- Concatenate videos in only one.
- Cut the duration of the videos: change either the start or end time.
- Trim and crop the video frame size using 4 predefined settings: top, left, right or bottom parts. Trim can be also based on a custom size to be chosen by the user.
- Opt for full screen, or two video players.
- Video looping.

Audio features:
- Remove audio or music from the videos.
- Add audio or music to your videos.

Other features:
- Integrated user interface from which all the functionalities are available.
- Volume & Brightness control.
- Capture to create videos with your camera.
- Share your works to other apps you could have installed like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.
- App that is free of charge.
- It is based on ffmpeg.

This app is available in the Google Play Store: