If you believe technical interviews are a bunch of 💩, you are not alone. These interviews are like performances where engineers prepare for weeks or months to put on a handful of shows for companies looking to hire. I realized during my time preparing for interviews that there are so many different topics to prepare for and that the resources for those are scattered across so many different places, if they exist at all. Many people have asked me where to begin, how much time to spend on each topic, and what different companies value.


Translation is usually the most obvious step in localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) efforts where applications are adapted to fit the needs of users in specific regions or markets. It is also the most standardized process and most organizations follow similar processes with similar tools to get their frontend strings translated.

This guide focuses on translation and the content here is intended to connect the dots between various i18next library documentations while providing additional code required to get an app translated inside Create React App. I found that while many other guides exist, very few of them explain why certain…

Daniel Duan

Frontend Engineer @goatapp @flightclub — previously @wework @squarespace

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