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DDigital marketing is growing, with spending across search, display, video, and email expected to top $120B by 2021. But seismic shifts are happening, not least of which is a move towards digital experiences over digital media as well as a focus on surfacing consumer insights using artificial intelligence [Forrester Digital Marketing Forecast: 2016 To 2021]. …

A call for participation in the first Botness Survey

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More than a few heavyweights at the first Botness event on 04/11/2016 — Tim O’Reilly, Lili Cheng, Amir Shevat, Jeff Lawson, Chris Messina, Phil Libin, and a bunch of bot startups. Photo credit: Mike Brevoort

Back in the early days of bots right after Microsoft released its Bot Framework, and just prior to F8 announcements, the Kik Bot Shop, Google Allo, iMessage Apps, and the second wave of Slack-funded startups, an inconspicuous event was held at Slack HQ where the bot faithful convened to break bread, share knowledge, and discuss the future of messaging and bots. …


Andy Mauro

Past: inventor of Nina @ Nuance. Current: CEO of Automat.ai

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