Hi there fellow Flutter devs.

If any of you see this, which is highly unlikely I’d like to mention that I’m not posting or responding to anything on medium going forward. It has been the least rewarding platform for writing content as none of you see posts I write unless I share it on multiple other pages.

I will be posting written tutorials exclusively on the official Flutter Blog for Filledstacks. As always I will have videos on my YouTube channel as well so you can subscribe there to know when new content has been released.

See you soon,

Dane Mackier

Firebase Push Notifications in Flutter

Hi there,

Welcome to the Push Notification Tutorial in the Free Firebase and Flutter Course. You’ll probably get bored with my development style because everything is so easy to implement 😅 What we’ll do is … Create a PushNotificationService register in the startup logic then navigate in the onLaunch and onResume when a message is opened (if we have to).

This tutorial assumes you have setup your firebase project and created custom startup logic for skipping the auth view when logged in. You can download the starting code here if you haven’t been following along or use your own project.

Implementation: Project Setup

Firebase Cloud Storage in Flutter

Hello there Flutter Dev 🙋‍♂️

In this tutorial we will be going over Cloudstorge on Firebase and how to integrate that with your mobile application. This tutorial is part 5 of a free Firebase and Flutter course that has weekly videos. To get the videos as they come out, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Today we’ll do a simple task that is probably a very common task in mobile app development. We will provide the user with a UI to select and upload a photo, save that photo in a post and display that to them in…

Firestore security rules and tests

Hi there, and welcome to Part 4 of the Firebase Series, which I now like to call a Free Firebase and Flutter Course :) The goal of this course is to get you uber comfortable with firebase, it’s features and how to make use of them in your product using Flutter.

This tutorial will cover Firestore DB security rules. It’ll be completely Firebase focused so no Flutter. Today we’ll secure our Firestore DB with some simple rules and get some unit tests for it up and running.

Firestore Rules

Firestore rules can be written in two ways, in the console where you…

Firestore CRUD in Flutter

Welcome back to Part 3 of the Firebase Series. In this series I share the way FilledStacks App Development implements Firebase functionality for our client applications. In this part we will cover the basics of Firestore (The firebase RealTime Database). I always see beginners in Firebase asking about CRUD for Firestore so this tutorial will cover that.

If you want to follow along you can use your own project or download the starting code here. I’ve added the UI that we’ll need to implement the functionality. A basic styled home view, a FAB that takes you to the Create View…

startup logic and user profiles in Flutter

In part 2 of the Firebase and Flutter series we will be adding custom start up logic, user profiles and making sure it’s available everywhere from start. Here’s a bit more details of each of them.

  • Custom Startup Logic: When a user has logged in already we want to make sure they go directly to the HomeView instead of the Authentication Views.
  • User Profiles: When a user signs up we will capture their full name and user role (just as an example) along with the identification properties.
  • Make sure user is available throughout the app: Usually an api / backend…

Firebase and Flutter Authentication

Today we’ll be going over the production practices I follow when implementing email authentication using Firebase in Flutter. This will be a complete free Firebase Flutter course so be sure to subscribe on Youtube to ensure you get notified when the new videos come out. We’ll be building a social media app called compound. It’s called compound because that’s the middle word of the book in front of me on my desk. “The Compound Effect”. …

Flutter Web Url navigation

Today we’ll go over URL navigation for Flutter web. Most of the navigation comes for free if your setup is correct. We want to cover the following things:

  1. Navigate to a page in the web app using the url in the browser
  2. Navigate to a page in the web app and use the parameters from the browser

What we want to achieve with the navigation is to make sure that the entire page is not swapped out, instead we only swap out the content of the page leaving the toolbar intact. To achieve that we’ll make use of the builder…

Flutter Hover Effects

In this tutorial we will be covering two of the most popular feedback mechanisms in Web Development and Design.

  1. Changing the cursor to a pointer when over a clickable item
  2. Changing the state of an item being hovered over

This tutorial will make use of the code from the last part which you can download here. If you want to add this to your own Flutter web project then make sure you’re on the master channel. You can switch by running to following commands

flutter channel master
flutter doctor

This will trigger the Dart and Flutter SDK downloads that you’ll…

In this tutorial we will add our simple state management functionality using my defined Provider Architecture and the new provider_architecture package. We will also be adding API integration for our backend which will return our episodes list to us. The goal of this tutorial is the API integration and not the state management. We’ll still cover the setup for the MvvM style architecture but not in depth. Download the starting code here and open it in your editor of choice.

In the starting project I have already created the EpisodeListItems as well as the Episode List. I have created the…

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